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Business cards (85mm x 55mm) are printed on an extra thick 400gsm silk white board, available in quantities of 50 to 20,000.

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Single sided business cards (All prices ex VAT)

Simple range£8.95£12.95£18.95£29.95£33.95£53.60£77.95£167.95£317.95£580.00
Designer range£15.95£19.95£25.95£36.95£40.95£60.60£84.95£174.95£324.95£587.00
Upload range£15.95£19.95£25.95£36.95£40.95£60.60£84.95£174.95£324.95£587.00

Double sided business cards (All prices ex VAT)

Simple range£15.00£19.95£28.95£44.95£50.95£79.95£116.95£249.95£476.95£870.00
Designer range£22.00£26.95£35.95£51.95£57.95£86.95£123.95£256.95£483.95£877.00
Upload range£22.00£26.95£35.95£51.95£57.95£86.95£123.95£256.95£483.95£877.00

Finishing help icon (All prices ex VAT)

Matt lamination (Front)£5.00£5.00£7.00£9.00£11.00£20.00£35.00£75.00£125.00£230.00
Matt lamination (Front and back)£7.50£7.50£10.50£13.50£16.50£30.00£52.50£112.50£187.50£345.00
Gloss lamination (Front)£5.00£5.00£7.00£9.00£11.00£20.00£35.00£75.00£125.00£230.00
Gloss lamination (Front and back)£7.50£7.50£10.50£13.50£16.50£30.00£52.50£112.50£187.50£345.00
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Keep your cards as bright and crisp as the day they were printed!

Lamination protects your cards from rubbing, scuffing, and marking, and adds luxurious extra weight to them for a truly high class first impression.

Large areas of flat colour can degrade quickly in your wallet, so we especially recommend you choose to laminate your cards if you have chosen a design with a large area of flat colour.

The addition of lamination can cause colours to darken slightly.

Gloss lamination
Gloss lamination really brings up the colour of your cards. We use a mid-gloss laminate which we think gives the cards a shiny, up-market look while also being the best way to prevent your cards from marking.

Matt lamination
Make a top class impression with the subtly sensuous, silky feel of matt lamination. Matt lamination seals the colour without adding shine to the surface and adds extra weight to make the cards feel lavish.

Please note, for those who like to write on their cards (appointments etc.) it is possible to write in biro on either of our laminates, but the matt laminate accepts ink slightly better.

Material help icon (All prices ex VAT)

Cream tinted card£5.00£6.00£10.00£19.00£23.00£43.00£80.00£195.00£285.00£567.00
Textured card£5.00£6.00£7.00£15.00£17.00£32.00£60.00£148.00£220.00£430.00
Gold shimmer effect card£5.00£6.00£8.50£18.00£20.00£40.00£75.00£180.00£270.00£530.00
Recycled card£2.50£2.50£2.50£2.50£3.50£6.00£11.00£28.00£54.00£106.00
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Create a truly unique result with our choice of papers and cards

Our standard paper and card are of a super high quality and are included in the cost of our products. However, for a little extra, you can be a little creative, or environmentally friendly, and choose one of our alternatives.

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Standard luxury card

Our standard business card board is high quality, silky smooth, white and an impressive 400gsm.

It gives a clean, crisp result on any design, and is thicker than many of our competitors'.

Best for: All designs

Suitable for lamination? Yes

Cream tinted card

This smooth paper has a soft cream tint, to add a touch of warmth to your design.

Available in 350gsm for business cards and 135gsm for letterheads and compliment slips.

Best for: Designs with white or light backgrounds

Suitable for lamination? Yes

Textured card

This paper has a fine 'hammered' finish on both sides, similar to a watercolour paper, to add another dimension to your order.

Lamination is not available on textured card.

Available in 300gsm for business cards and 120gsm for letterheads and compliment slips.

Best for: All designs - especially good with cards with solid colour backgrounds

Suitable for lamination? No

Gold shimmer effect card

This smooth white paper has a luxurious gold shimmer on both sides, giving your order a soft metallic sheen.

Lamination not recommended as shimmer effect is reduced.

Available in 350gsm for business cards and 125gsm for letterheads and compliment slips.

Best for: White/paler backgrounds or designs with light or bright colours

Suitable for lamination? Yes, shimmer effect is reduced

Recycled card

Added due to popular demand, our recycled card is silky-smooth, white and an incredibly thick 400gsm. This card is 100% FSC-accredited, and is suitable for use with designs of all kinds.

Beautiful, environmentally friendly, high quality card which doesn’t break the bank!

FSC recycled certification, ISO 14001, Process Chlorine Free (PCF) and PAS 2020:2009 Level 3.

Best for: All designs

Suitable for lamination? Yes

Cutting help icon (All prices ex VAT)

Round corners£2.00£2.00£4.00£8.00£10.00£20.00£40.00£100.00£200.00£400.00
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Make your cards truly unique by adding rounded corners

cutting By removing one or more corners in a 7mm radius, you can personalise your cards even further and make them stand out from the crowd.

You can choose to shape just one corner for a funky, designer look, or choose two, three or all four - it's up to you. Just tick the corners you would like shaped.

In addition, there will be no increase to turnaround times and the cost is nominal - just £2 per hundred cards (no matter how many corners you have rounded).

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